As simple as a gathering of family or friends with

Gratitude as the theme. A Holy Ruckus or a

Holy Ceremony. Maybe just you and the universe.


  • Have a moment where everyone shares with the group what they’re grateful for.

  • Invite everyone to bring recorded music they’re grateful for and make a grateful party playlist.

  • Live music, poetry, and other shared offerings.

  • Have a Gratitude Altar: invite everyone to bring one thing to place on the altar that they’re grateful for.

  • A gratitude dance - and just get down and shake your Gratitude to the ground.

  • Have it in nature, a home, a park, a church.

  • More Ceremonial?

  • Add a moment of silence to acknowledge what you’re grateful for.

  • Add a moment of silence with the intention of sending it out to the world.

  • Have a full sound supported Grateful Group Meditation!

As there’s no limits to your Gratitude, there’s no limits to your positive expression of it.

The point is to acknowledge, celebrate, and most importantly, share it!

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