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For us, medicine music is any music inspired by or created specifically for ceremonial use. As all of our events are ceremonial in nature, we focus on

music as medicine. 

Birds in Paradise


   is a contemporary medicine music album cross-culturally inspired by indigenous traditional & shamanic ceremony music, featuring original music and collaborations from a stellar constellation of artists including:


Tony Moss
Sunny Solwind
Miranda Rondeau
Shireen Jarrahian
David Daniel Brown

Diana Carr

Tëté Bero

w / featured guests:
Emily Elbert

Úyanga Bold

LuvAmp Project


Produced by Tony Moss

Co-producer, engineered, mixed by Brian Taylor

[Haux Studios]

Co-produced, arranged, mixed by Jonathan Hakakian [hearcolormusic]

Mastered: J.Bossie at Bernie Grundman Mastering 


1. All My Love: T. Moss

Vocals: T. Moss

Percussion: T. Moss, Tëté Bero 

Bass: Danny Pritchett 

Jaw Harp: Tete Bero

2. The River: Moss/Jarrahian

Vocals: T.Moss

Percussion: T. Moss

Handpan: Shireen Jarrahian

Bass: Danny Pritchett

Strings: Virginia Luke: Session Musician (Violin)

Rachel Grotenhuis Session Musician (Violin) 

Lacy Rostyak Session Musician (Violin) 

Stephanie Moorehouse Session Musician (Violin)

Laurann Estevez Session Musician (Viola)

Madeline Falcone Session Musician (Viola)

Irina Chirkova Session Musician (Cello) 

Adrienne Woods Session Musician (Cello)

3. Ye Yemanja: T. Moss

Vocals: T. Moss

Hang: T. Moss

Percussion: Sunny Solwind, T. Moss, Tëté Bero 

Flute: David Daniel Brown, S. Solwind

Birds: S. Solwind

Guitar: Emily Elbert

Bass: Danny Pritchett 

Jungle Animals: S. Jarrahian

4. Amazonia 8: S. Solwind

Percussion: S. Solwind

Flutes: S. Solwind, D. Brown, Shireen Jarrahian

Vocals: T. Moss, S. Solwind, D. Brown

5. Pink Dolphins: Moss/Solwind/Jarrahian/Brown

Flutes: S. Solwind, D. Brown

Tongue Drum: T. Moss

Balafon / Jaw Harp: S. Jarrahian

Vocals: T. Moss

Add vocals: S. Solwind, Shireen Jarrahian


6. Sundance Song: Justin Dorian

Vocals: Tsuyoshi Nakajima, Alex Landau

7. Water Song: T. Moss/T. Bero

Vocals: T.Moss

Add. Vocals: Miranda Rondeau

Spoken Word: Tëté Bero

Handpan: Tëté Bero

Percussion: T.Moss, Tëté Bero

Bass: Danny Pritchett


8. Colibrí Libre: Moss/Solwind/Jarrahian/Brown

Flutes: S. Jarrahian, D. Brown

Add. flute: S. Solwind

Percussion: S. Solwind, Tëté Bero, T.Moss

Rik & Vocals: M. Rondeau

Bass: Danny Pritchett


9. Oso Blanco: Boveda Celeste

Vocals: Diana Carr

Acoustic Guitar: Brian Taylor

Elec. Guitar: Emily Elbert

Percussion: Tëté Bero

Bass: Danny Pritchett


10. Nova Luz: S. Solwind

Seperewa: S. Solwind

Main Vocal: Úyanga Bold / Sunny Solwind

Add. Vocals: T.Moss, Larisa Gosla, Emily Elbert,

Seema Seraj 

Percussion: S. Solwind


11. Kalyana (Acoustic): T. Moss

Vocals: T.Moss, Emily Elbert

Guitar: Emily Elbert

Percussion: Tëté Bero

Bass: Danny Pritchett 

Piano: Ben Taylor

12. Love Surrounds You: M. Rondeau

Main Vocal: M. Rondeau

Add. Vocals: T. Moss, D. Carr, Larisa Gosla,

Ksenia Luki

Guitar: Emily Elbert

String Arrangement: Ben Taylor

All My Love: inspired by / for the book, “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey.

Amazonia 8 Shipibo translation:

Neteori: through the day, the light

Panakin: we are protected

May ori: through the earth

Jene ori: through the sea

Jakon akin: to improve, to clean

Ramakaya: so it is

Amazonia 8: a tribute / thank you to the Amazonian indigenous tribes we’ve been blessed to befriend & work with, specifically the Shipibo, whose friendship, knowledge, and healing modalities have blessed the lives of so many.

Pink Dolphins:

Otorongo: jaguar

Medicina: medicine

Mai Divina: most divine

Buo Quena: owl

Da floresta: of the forest

The Sun Dance is the most important ceremony practiced by the Lakota (Sioux) and nearly all Plains Indians. It is a time of renewal for the tribe, people, and earth. The songs are considered sacred and are rarely sung outside the ceremony. This is a contemporary Sundance song shared with his permission.

Water Song: the lyrics are “spirit language” roughly translating to “I’m here, I am. Thank you for the medicine water, thank you Mama.”

Colibrí Libre (humming bird dance): the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol symbolising eternity, continuity, and infinity. 

Nova Luz (New Light): The Seperewa is one of two types of harp-lutes played in Ghana. The name translates roughly to “small prayer” and is often used to support prayers.



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