From great personal experience, we know that music has the power to heal. Driven and inspired by that, we are an independent non-profit music & event production company focused on "music as medicine" through life-affirming projects that connect us to the world and each other. 

Our signature events, "SOUL CIRCLES", feature stellar **medicine music artists in intimate, interactive performance, accompanied by stunning

visual projections.

Soul Circle Las Vegas!
Vegas Soul Circle I
Vegas Soul Circle BreathWork
Dream Upright in Vegas
Porangui @ SoulCircle 11
Soul Circle 1 w/ Sunny Solwind
Soul Circle 1
Soul Circle 1, artists group hug!
Soul Circle 1 w/ Tony & the boys!
Soul Circle 1 w/ Sam Babayan
"Heaven & Earth" @ Soul Circle
"Heaven & Earth" premier
Soul Circle at Full Circle, Venice
Soul Circle guest, David Bergeaud
Soul Circle SoundBath
Lighting up Las Vegas!
Guided Meditation
Vegas SoundBath


I.AM.LIFE events combine aspects of traditional indigenous ceremony and wisdom with modern technology and understanding to create music-driven contemporary community ceremonial experiences that re-establish a sense of connection. 


Medicine Music

Our thoughts: medicine music is any music shared with the intention of being medicine music: 

music created from, intended for, or appropriate for ceremony, in support of the ceremony intention. We are passionate about the intersection of music, neurobiology, and traditional and contemporary ceremonies and psycho-spiritual therapies. 

In addition to the creation of original contemporary medicine music, I.AM.LIFE supports the preservation of numerous traditional and indigenous medicine music artists and traditions that we have direct relationships and collaborations with, specifically those from plant medicine traditions from various parts of the Americas.