are community building, celebratory, ceremonial events to open hearts and connect us
with the world and each other.


SOUL CIRCLES feature stellar artists sharing music 
in an intimate setting with  interactive audience participation, and stunning visual projections.

Sunny Solwind

                                                           "There is a new wave of interests in traditional, "neo-shamanic", and cross-cultural community ceremony. As people in the West, and all over the world, feel increasingly disconnected and unfulfilled by modern life, these contemporary ceremonies are gaining in popularity and fulfilling the need for deeper understanding and connection. It was in ceremony that our ancestors and indigenous peoples shared and passed on the wisdom, values and cosmologies of the community and culture.

I.AM.LIFE events combine aspects of traditional indigenous ceremony and wisdom with modern technology and understanding to create music-driven contemporary community ceremonial experiences that re-establish a sense of connection." ~ T. Moss 

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Soul Circle 1, artists group hug!